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Loosen Up Your Backswing

If you are searching for a simple method to free your bowling backswing, the solution can be as easy as easing your wrist motion and your grip on the bowling ball.

Many top tier players over the years use the technique of allowing the wrist to hinge back to a slight “broken wrist position” when holding the ball at stance on the approach. 

If you use this same technique with your wrist position, you can allow your arm muscles to reduce tension and can swing your bowling ball swiftly and smoothly back to the top of the backswing.

Couple this technique with using a modest and consistent gripping pressure with your bowling hand on the ball.

Swing back and through with a light gripping pressure and you will also swing with little arm tension due to the wrist being in a relaxed position.

If you develop this technique, you will be in a great position at the top of your backswing to allow your ball to swing smoothly and accelerate slightly in the downswing and forward swing.

Using a loose and free backswing will establish a consistent motion and regulate the tempo in your complete swing cycle and help control your ball speed.

If you wish to add revs and a little power on your release, hinge your wrist forward when you begin your downswing to a slightly “cupped” position so your bowling fingers lead your bowling thumb slightly into the release zone at or near the bottom of your forward swing arc.

If you think in terms of achieving an effortless backswing motion, you can set up your forward swing and release to use as much power as you wish to comfortably apply onto your bowling ball.

By maintaining a light gripping pressure on your bowling ball, you can add wrist to your shot, get your thumb to exit the ball well before your bowling fingers, and apply useful power to your delivery motion.

If you are not a power player or merely wish to deliver your ball on a straighter path to the breakpoint, you can maintain the “broken wrist position” or a straight wrist position throughout your entire swing cycle and still achieve an effective ball reaction while controlling your ball speed and ball skid distance.

Everything begins with a loose backswing motion by using an “unhinged wrist position” packaged with a light and consistent gripping pressure on your bowling ball.

Another factor in controlling your ball reaction is to avoid the use of excessive force when releasing your bowling ball. Trust your release by using an effortless back swing motion when you bowl on 
challenging lane conditions and thereby develop your game to compete effectively on a variety of challenging lane conditions. Establish a repeatable arm swing motion regardless if you are using your maximum power or trying to achieve a long ball skid distance. Trust the beginning your swing motion by using a tension free technique with your arm, neck, and shoulder muscles.

Thanks to Rich Carrubba for this tip.


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