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How Do You Keep Good Bowling Timing?

How do you keep good bowling timing?  It is generally recognized that bowling timing is the relationship between your engaged arm swing cycle to your walking motion.

Since every accomplished bowler has to make certain they do not get complacent with swing and steps tempo.

There are many talented players using both early and late timing sequences. Which do you prefer?

Do you focus on when you begin your swing or “pushaway” motion relative to your first step of your approach?

Do you use an early timing sequence and get your ball into your backswing quickly?

Do you use a late timing sequence and walk slowly so you do not have to force your swing and release trying to catch up to your steps?

Do you carry the ball with tension in your bowling arm before allowing your ball to fall into your backswing?

Do you use the “pushaway” movement or do you simply allow your ball to fall into the backswing without moving forward first?

Are you a bowler who never thinks much about timing or one who seldom practices a given timing sequence?

If you have worked with a coach at one time or another, how have you been advised to time your swing and steps effectively? If you focus more on steps than swing, what keys are you using? If you think mostly about your swing and not your feet, how do you maintain consistency?

Thanks to Rich Carrubba for this tip.


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