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Two Reasons for Taking Direct Aim at Your Target

There are two reasons for taking direct aim at your bowling target, your bowling ball delivery path and a commitment to hitting your aim point.

By focusing on your aim point, you benefit by zeroing in on a specific aim point as opposed to a random target on the lane.

Also, focusing on an aim-point (sight target) helps stabilize and balance your walking movements to the foul line.

In order to deliver your ball accurately to your aim point implies releasing the ball at an associated path angle allowing your ball to travel and contact your specific aim point.

A key in delivering your ball to your aim point is to first visualize the complete path your ball must follow to the pocket or to a given spare with your designated aim point along this path.

Visualization means to see the ball travel along your chosen delivery path before actually bowling. Mental imagery is an important step toward improved accuracy.

Focusing your eyes with full commitment to releasing your ball over your aim point must be developed through practiced awareness that you are not merely staring into “open space” but rather zooming in on your aim point and not losing your point of focus.

See the ball path first and then focus your eyes on an aim point along the ball path.

There are physical tips to help you successfully improve your accuracy and one such tip is to keep your head motionless while you walk, swing, and release your bowling ball.

Keeping your head void of movement helps your body balance and correspondingly, your accuracy.

By keeping a keen eye on your target, you also will walk your intended lines and avoid the potential of drifting away from your walking intended path.

When competing on challenging lane conditions where accuracy is of paramount importance, taking direct aim at your target helps you commit to deliver the ball precisely along the intended ball path and passing over your aim point.

Another factor in accuracy is your overall approach tempo which matches the pace of your steps to the pace of your swing movements. A big key to developing a consistent bowling tempo is to trust in your decisions related to playing the lanes and in your ability to make good shots focused at the target. Visualize your ball path before bowling and then zero in on your aim point along this path. These are two reasons for taking direct aim at your bowling target.

Thanks to Rich Carrubba for this tip.


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