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Coaches Corner

Minimize Your Adjustments

If you are losing a reliable ball reaction, minimize your adjustments to only two or three for simplification purposes.

There are so many adjustments highly skilled bowlers might use during competition that you may not be able to take advantage of yourself.

It can be very confusing if you do not know how and which adjustments to implement first.

The best thing to do is choose one or two adjustment techniques.

Rely mainly on using the lane oil pattern to help control your ball skid distance.

You can also use sight adjustments where you aim on the lane and use lateral moves on the approach altering your delivery angle of attack to help you restore a good ball reaction.

There are other good adjustments to alter your ball reaction such as changing ball speed, changing your loft distance, changing your release technique, adjusting your lane target closer or further down the lane, or changing balls.

The best strategy is to keep things simple in competition.

If changing ball speed is not a strong suit of yours, then avoid it so you do not risk making an inaccurate delivery.

Maybe you can simply rotate your fingers less than normal to help you keep your ball traveling on a straight line to the break point down the lane.

If you are able to alter your loft distance beyond the foul line to change the ball skid distance, then that might be a good adjustment technique for your game.

If you really want to keep things basic yet give yourself a good chance of regaining a good ball reaction, learn to make logical adjustments in your positioning on the approach and with your lane target coupled with making certain you do not force your release by trying to apply too much power on your ball.

Use the oil pattern on the lane surface to your advantage.

Avoid tensing up, trying too many adjustment options or becoming confused when you are bowling in leagues or perhaps a tournament.

Keep it simple. Minimize your bowling adjustments.

Thanks to Rich Carrubba for this tip.


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