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Your Best Bowling Talent

What is your best bowling talent?

Coaches for years have urged their bowlers to know their strengths of their games.

By doing so, bowlers can fortify them and then work on supporting techniques on the path toward improvement.

If you are unsure of the strengths in your game, then first identify your best talent.

Bowling talent can be related to the physical and to the abstract.

Your physical game is critical because you must develop good technique walking, swinging, and releasing your bowling ball.

The abstract talent you have is the depth of your ability to make decisions on playing the lanes and using the best equipment at the right times during competition.

Here are examples of the physical game you can use to identify your best talent:

*Set-Up - your stance position on the approach and body posture.

*Footwork - your steps and slide movement to the foul line.

*Timing - getting your bowling ball into your swing at the right moment relative to your steps.

*Swing - your ability to repeat well timed swings and in the direction of your target path.

*Release - the technique you use to apply the amount of revolutions per minute to your bowling ball and the degree of the axis of rotation and tilt.

*Balance - the ability to walk, swing and release your ball without a loss of balance causing an errant delivery.

Here are examples of the abstract, mental strategies of the game:

*Alignment - your decision where to align on the approach for hitting the pocket.

*Adjustment - any change from the norm to your physical game or to your alignment to hit the pocket or to convert spares.

Equipment - the type of equipment you use during competition including your bowling ball best matching to the lane conditions or for “reading the lanes.”

*Confidence - your mental ability to believe in yourself and to trust your physical and mental decisions when bowling in competition.

Of course, there are several other areas of the game which might be used in identifying your best talent but the core elements (known as basic fundamentals) of your game is likely the best place to begin. Work on the strengths of your game when preparing for an important competition. Practice sessions are the time and place to make physical game technique adjustments in your game. Using your powers of self-awareness on the lanes and confidence you can execute your game plan must be a major part of trusting your game while bowling when it counts the most.

Thanks to Rich Carrubba for this tip.


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