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Bowling Variables You Can Control

There are some bowling variables you cannot control and some bowling variables you can control.

The key here is to understand what variables are out of your control such as the oil pattern used by the bowling center proprietor at the time you compete in leagues or tournaments.

*The friction factor of the lane surface and how the surface interfaces with the oil pattern.

*The bowling center temperature or humidity.

*Pin spotting by the automatic pinsetters.

*The varying wear on the lane surfaces as you move across any given bowling center.

These are a few factors in bowling where you have no control over and must adapt to in order to bowl effectively.

Variables you can control are, as examples, the measured ball speed you initially delivery your bowling ball.

*The loft distance you deliver your bowling ball beyond the foul line and how your ball enters the lane surface.

*The release technique you use and how many revs you apply to the bowling ball.

*The bowling ball axis of rotation and tilt by the technique you use when releasing your ball.

*The delivery angle of attack and how you play the lanes.

*Which adjustment you will implement if you lose your reliable ball reaction.

*Which bowling ball you choose to use on any given lane condition you encounter.

These examples of what you can control are what you should use to develop your personal “bag of tricks” when the lanes change and your ball reaction no longer allows you to hit the pocket consistently. When you are forced into making a decision which adjustment or which bowling variable you will use as your ball reaction changes, it is most useful to have practiced each adjustment technique in your “bag of tricks.” Do not forget the mental game strategy of trusting your skills and your decisions when bowling in competition. Each bowler develops their own adjustments over a period of time and competitive bowling. If you wish to maximize your ability to reach your full bowling potential, get to know which bowling variables you can control.



Thanks to Rich Carrubba for this tip.


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