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Stop Pressing the Pinsetter Reset Button

Stop pressing the bowling pinsetter reset button during your practice time.

First, why waste money when you can use each chance to deliver a ball while working on your game.

Scores never count in practice. Only work on your skills and technique.

If you fall into the habit of constantly pressing the reset button when you do not strike during practice, you waste opportunities to work on spare shooting as well as your physical game technique.

If you are too concerned with getting strikes or in hitting the pocket and reset the pins repeatedly, you will not be practicing what you face in competition which is filling frames and shooting at anything you leave standing.

Avoid bowling at a rapid fire pace if you practice alone. If possible, practice on a pair of lanes.

Use your practice time to engage all of your bowling balls so you know what to expect when changing from one to another.

Never abandon your competitive pre-shot routine just because you are bowling in practice.

Take no opportunity for granted. Every shot matters. Forget about the reset button and about scores.

No bowler strikes every time, obviously. Spares are an integral part of the game so fill all of those frames. Take every shot one at a time and immediately update your thinking to your next shot. Avoid getting so frustrated when you do not strike that the emotion carries over into your next shot. Why risk a poor delivery due to anger? Get every pin you can in practice just as in competition. Take dead aim, relax, and bowl.



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