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Kegler's Corner

By Jeff Olson
as published weekly in the Hood River News Sports Section


Mick Sherrel 664

As the classic song goes, “you can get anything you want at Alice’s restaurant”.  The same holds true at Hood River’s Orchard Lanes in a slightly different way, all you need to do is put some work in to bowl better.  Then, you will get what we all want, more strikes and more spares which will produce bigger scores.  That makes us bowlers happy.

There were quite a few happy, smiling faces after last week’s league action. 

In the Monday night Industrial league, Ken Thornton topped his average by 100 pins with a solid scratch 634 three game series.  His efforts keyed his team’s hold on first place in the league by 11.5 points.  We are so happy to see Ken back after a long hiatus.  He’s got plenty of ten-pin talent and this last outing shows he’s scraped off lots of rust.  It’s just the tip of the iceberg for Ken, we expect to see really big numbers from him very soon.  He used to average 200 and we are sure he will again. His biggest challenge will be handling the different ball reaction on state of the art synthetic lanes. Ken last bowled on wood lanes which were high friction.  Synthetics are nearly as hard as a diamond so ball reaction is accentuated, they can be tricky.

Austin Reed led things in the Tuesday Nite Mixed league, beating his average by 109 pins.

For those of you who don’t know, Mick and Dick Sherrell are twins who have bowled for years in the Wednesday afternoon senior league.  They are also teammates.  Mick got the best of his brother last week as he rolled a beautiful scratch 664 series on games of 244, 213 and 207.  That sparkling set was 121 pins over his average. Mick was so good last week he even beat the “Doomsday Striking Machine” which is what we affectionately call lefty Mike Parke.  He earned that moniker because he seems to strike on every ball he rolls and we’re not kidding.  Go ahead, watch him sometime, you will be amazed.  Mike is one heck of a good bowler, he’s averaged over 200 for as long as we can remember.  His style is smooth as silk, he mostly lets the ball do all the work and doesn’t twist all up in a pretzel like many guys do trying to make the ball hook off the lane.  As a result Mike keeps the ball in play and he is a good spare shooter.  That, my friends, is a recipe for success!  Mike notched a nice scratch 655 series last week.

Washington’s premier local orchardist, John Riggleman and long-time Orchard Lanes staffer Josh Worth played major roles in the big-time Wednesday night Fraternal league.  John smashed the sticks to the tune of a superb 686 series and Josh fired a fine 652 set.  Josh anchored his Hood River Sports Club team to a ½ point first place league lead over the scrappy Electronics Assemblers trio and John’s pin busting moved his plucky Mt. Hood BBQ team to just 1 point out of first.  These two keglers are humming right along, Josh is averaging a cool 211 pins per game and John is now carrying a solid 207.  The sky is the limit for these two as they both are playing the lanes perfectly between the third and fourth arrows which will produce even bigger scores in the coming weeks.  Nice bowling everyone!





Patrick Olson: 257,241, 700

Nancy Asai: 214,201, 612

Randy Nieto: 247



Nancy Asai: 216

Ciena Brittle: 201



Mick Sherrell: 244,213,207, 664 

Mike Parke: 236,215,204, 655

Ken Kramer: 223,213, 619

Dave Baumsteiger: 224

Jesse Flores: 213

Dick Sherrell: 210

Paul Dethman: 204         



Patrick Olson: 279,249,237, 765  

John Riggleman: 267,237, 686              

Jeremy Bloom: 660

Josh Worth: 236, 652

Chad Mason: 244

Ciena Brittle: 213,202












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